In addition to its traditional activities of inter-professional bond dealing and financial intermediation, Bondpartners maintains, since 1995, a market for the stocks and shares of small to mid-sized companies non-quoted on the stock exchange. This market, denominated “HelveticA”, composes about 250 SMEs active in the fields of industry and transport, banking, publishing, hotel industry, electricity, etc. About 2/3 of those are Swiss German. The quotes are displayed on Telekurs and on Bondpartners’ website, as well as in the specialized press.

In Switzerland, BPL holds a dominant position in this type of free and non-regulated market which is mainly carried out over the phone, in accordance with OTC procedures and the professional intervening parties’ mutual agreement. “HelveticA” is a deregulated complementary market, and not a parallel stock exchange. It constitutes an exchange platform for shares that did not obtain a stock exchange listing, as much as, an instrument for price publishing and valorization. Since the securities liquidity is weak and the volatility potentially important, few traders are hence active in this market whose characteristic is to be extremely atomized, much in the way of small to mid-sized companies not listed in Switzerland or abroad.

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