Authentic since for half a century

“It is authenticity and durability that make a securities firm special in this world full of deceptive appearances…”


BONDPARTNERS SA (BPL) is a Swiss financial services company which was founded in 1972. It is authorized under the Federal Act on financial institutions (FinIA) and is therefore subjected to the control of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). In addition, BPL is member of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA), member of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and reporting member of the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Based in Lausanne, BPL is listed on the OTC-X market of the Bern Cantonal Bank. It carries out various trading, intermediation and brokerage activities oriented towards professional and institutional investors such as banks, asset managers, provident funds, investment firms and insurance companies, brokerage firms and other financial intermediaries. It is considered to be amongst the important European organizations in this industry.

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AnnuAl Report 2021


For some time now the whole sector has been hit by a new global phenomenon: spare parts for cycles of all kinds -both traditional and electric- are in short supply because of the pandemic. This situation is causing difficulties for both dealers and repairers alike so that their customers are having to wait patiently. Wherever they are assembled, bikes, which everyone wants to get their hands on nowadays, are heavily dependent on Asian production. Availability of models and delivery lead-times are beset by major manufacturing problems: raw material shortages, disrupted supply chains and bottlenecks make the exponential growth in demand hard to satisfy. Since the lockdown, cycling has become more popular than ever before. The ecological stance adopted by some and the health or sporting aspirations of others, combined with the efforts made by many municipal authorities to promote cycling in line with the pious wishes of their elected representatives, have surely laid a particularly favourable foundation for the wide use of two-wheelers, so long as they are propelled by pedals.


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Confirmation of the preliminary figures: the final net profit amounted to CHF 2.5 million (+66%) and the operating result doubled; the total balance sheet reached CHF 122.6 million (with current assets of CHF 113 million and shareholders’ equity of CHF 86.7 million). The simplified leverage ratio (CET1) toughened to 65%, a higher percentage when compared to previous reportings...



As for 2021, Bondpartners’ preliminary and unaudited net income rose 66% compared to previous year to reach CHF 2.5mio. For its part, the operating profit doubled to CHF 4.4mio and costs remained overall contained. While they were still tossed around by the pandemic and its economic repercussions, financial markets continued their recoveries, with some downward movements, influencing favourably income from securities held in positions, whereas results generated by trading operations, even if turnover remained sustained, did not reach the high levels recorded during the previous year. Lastly, our national currency continued to strengthen, the negative impact on assets expressed in foreign currencies was however of lesser importance than in 2020...